Boost Your Curb Appeal Without Lifting a Finger

We can complete gutter installation and other improvements in Middletown, RI & Surrounding Areas

Your house might look run down now, but it doesn't have to stay that way. It could be one of the most beautiful houses on the block. All it takes is a little improvement work. Cunha Pro Construction provides excellent exterior services in Middletown, RI and surrounding areas.

You can trust us to perform:

Window installations and repairs
Door installations and repairs
Deck installations and repairs
Gutter installations and repairs
Vinyl siding repairs
Trim repairs

When our careful work is through, your home will look stunning. You'll have everything from clear, energy-efficient windows to beautiful siding and trim. Reach out to us right away to schedule siding repair or other services.

When should you get new gutters?

When should you get new gutters?

It's often easy for homeowners to tell when certain parts of their houses need to be replaced. You can't miss a broken window or warped siding. However, it can be harder to tell when you need new gutters if they aren't already falling off. Your gutters likely need replacement when they clog frequently, they're hard to clean or they're leaning away from your building.

Ask us whether you need new gutter installation services by reaching out to us today.